ASL Video Bloopers….

We have a lot of fun making our ASL videos for ASL Deafined, but like any video shoot – you get the good, the bad, and the “behind the scenes footage” (lol). It’s good not to be serious all the time, and we thought you’d have some fun watching our ASL video bloopers – we hope they crack you up as much as they did us!

Blooper Final 2_F8_1Mb

What is the sign for “hotel?”

Blooper FInal 3_F8_1Mb

What is so funny?

Blooper Final 4_F8_1Mb

Ok.  Way too fast!

Blooper Final 5_F8_1Mb

Where are you going?

Jonelle blooper_F8_2Mb

Okay.  How many takes do I get?

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