Deaf Awareness Quiz

How much do you know about the Deaf Community?

True or False

1.      All deaf people can talk?

2.     Deaf people don’t mind working in noisy places?

3.      American Sign Language is a universal language?

4.     Deaf people cannot drive?

5.     All deaf people know American Sign Language?

6.     All deaf people attend a residential program (deaf school)?

7.     Deaf people can read Braille?

8.     All deaf people wear hearing aids?

9.     Deaf people can find jobs pretty easy?

10.  Deaf people can do ANYTHING except hear?

11.   American Sign Language is a form of shorthand?

12.   American Sign Language is not a “real” language because it has no written form?

All of the answers above are false except number 10.  Deaf people can do anything except hear.