William “Dummy” Hoy

“Dummy” Hoy

dummy hoy

William Hoy is known in the baseball world as “Dummy” Hoy.  He was the first deaf baseball player in the major leagues.  He was born in 1862 in Ohio, graduating from Ohio School for the Deaf.  Hoy began his professional baseball career in 1886 until 1902.  He died at the age of 99.  Here are some of his baseball highlights throughout his successful career.

  1. Shortest major baseball outfielder in history – 5’4″ tall
  2. Ranked equally to Joe DiMaggio and Willie Mays
  3. During Hoy’s rookie year, he stole 82 bases.  Total career 607 stolen bases
  4. Lifetime batting average of .292
  5. Lifetime career stats:
    1. Hits – 2054
    2. Walks – 1,004
    3. Played – 1,798 games
    4. Proudest Achievement:  Threw out 3 batters at home plate in one game
    5. Taught his teammates how to communicate in sign language
    6. Had a pioneering role in the creation of the hand signals still used today in baseball throughout the world

Can you believe that William Ellsworth “Dummy” Hoy is not in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

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