Certified Interpreters for the Deaf

Sign language Interpreter hands

Certified Interpreters for the Deaf

Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) is a national organization that certifies interpreters for the deaf.   Deaf people have the right to have a certified and qualified interpreter.  Unfortunately, deaf people don’t always receive the services of a competent, certified interpreter.

Some states have actually passed laws to deter people from posing as a sign language interpreter.  For example, in 2007, in the State of Michigan, Governor Granholm passed the Michigan Interpreter Law Public Acts 23 & 24.  This law states that a person must be certified to interpret for a person that requires the use of sign language.  A person not possessing these skills could be subject to a fine and time in jail.  For more information about this law in Michigan, you may contact the Division on Deafness at www.mcdc-dodhh.org

RID also provides workshops and other professional development needs for interpreters.  For more information about RID, you can visit their website at www.RID.org .

For people who are considering the interpreter profession, and looking to learn basic sign language, check out http://www.ASLdeafined.com. This will give you a great start to a very rewarding career.