American Sign Language: How Do You Sign Yes and No Questions?

American Sign Language is a dynamic language, having its own set of linguistic rules and principles.  Yesterday, we explored on how to sign a statement in ASL.  Now, I want to show you how to sign a “Yes or no” question in ASL.  Please keep in mind, you need to follow these simple rules while signing each question.

  1.  Raised eyebrows
  2. Tilt or diagonal head with shoulders a little forward
  3. Hold the last sign a little longer.

Now, it is time for some examples (Remember SVO from previous ASL structure lesson)

 English:           Do you want some cake?

ASL:               You want cake? (As you sign, remember to do 1..2..3..)


English:           Are you deaf?

ASL:               You deaf? (Again, following 1…2…3.. while signing this question)


English:           Do you like animals?

ASL:               You like animal? (Again, following 1…2…3.. while signing this question)

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On ASLdeafined, we have plenty of American Sign Language (ASL) grammar  practice exercises on Yes and No questions.  If you need practice, please go to the main website and login.