Guess This Phrase…

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It is important in American Sign Language to use closure when figuring out what someone is signing.  In this “Guess This Phrase”, I will give you a hint.  The phrase is about food.  Now, if you are not understanding this phrase, do not worry.  ASLdeafined can help you with receptive skill practice.  We have a ton of lessons that focus on just that, receptive skills.  In addition, we have story time, fingerspelling practice, grammar, Deaf Culture, vocabulary enhancement exercises, and much more.  If you haven’t seen our site yet, please take a look.  You will absolutely love it.  Oh, and our dictionary is one of a kind.  We have over 9,000 video words with synonyms.  Not only will this help you understand ASL better, but it will help you reach your ultimate goal with American Sign Language.

If you ever have questions about ASLdeafined, please email us at .  We are always here to help!