Socializing With the Deaf Community

ASLdeafined offers the tools for you to learn vocabulary, sentence structure, fingerspelling, numbers, multiple meaning words, ASL grammar, etc.  While learning all of this information, it is also imperative that learners interact with the Deaf community.

There should be a number of deaf events in your area for you to attend year-round.  Look online to find out where such events take place.  Also, many times, there are groups of students who meet on a regular basis to practice their ASL skills.  Now, some people may feel intimidated by their sign language skills, or who are afraid they will sign the wrong thing when communicating in ASL.  Well, believe me, we have all been there.  I have made so many mistakes while learning sign language.  However, like any language, it is part of the learning process.  Here are some tips on how to improve your sign language ability while interacting with Deaf people:


o   Use Fingerspelling for proper nouns (persons, places, and things)

o   Fingerspell words that you may not know.  It is okay to fingerspell a word or two that you do not know how to sign.  However, it is not okay to fingerspell your entire conversation.

These are some helpful tips on how to improve your American Sign Language (ASL) ability.  The more you practice, the better you will become.  Learn all the vocabulary and structure you can, and go out and use it.  If you have any questions about ASL, please let Mercy and I know.  We will try our best to answer your questions.  And, remember, to always have fun.  Enjoy learning this new language, and your interacting with the Deaf Community.  You’ll quickly learn how special these engagements are.  There aren’t a lot of people that know ASL.  You are one of the luckiest ones, and your efforts to learn the language will be appreciated very much.