Question From a Subscriber: Why Doesn’t ASLdeafined Work on the I-Pad?

Recently, we received an email from a subscriber asking why ASLdeafined doesn’t work with the I-pad.  With that concern, I immediately contacted Apple to find out why Adobe Flash wasn’t installed on the I-pad.  I also inquired about the possibilities of Adobe Flash being installed on future models of their Tablet.  The gentlemen informed me that because Adobe Flash uses a great amount of battery, it would not be installed at this point in time.  Then, he continued to explain to me that Apple was coming out with its own version of Adobe Flash called, “HTML 5”.

For those of you who have another brand of the Tablet, you know ASLdeafined is very compatible with it.  Our entire site is based on Adobe Flash technology.  However, we are in the process of preparing our site to be converted over to HTML 5 when that time occurs.

We sure appreciate all of your questions we have been receiving on a daily basis.  Please continue to send us your concerns.