Which Group Should I Join?

Occasionally, people have been confused on which group they should sign up for when completing the subscription information to ASLdeafined.  Some have subscribed inadvertently to the wrong group (deaf students, hearing parents of deaf children; community at-large.)   Later, they will contact ASLdeafined, asking if they can change to another group of learners.  The answer is YES , and it’s never a problem to switch.  Also, some individuals have inquired as to why the three groups were established.

At ASLdeafined, we created the ability to customize the three groups of subscribers for a reason:

For the deaf student group, we have added more activities designed to help students who are still in public education with improving their English grammar and skills.  In addition, this section helps students to improve their English vocabulary, and ASL structure.

The next group is for hearing parents with deaf children.  With this group, we have added pertinent information that may assist parents with raising their deaf child.

The last group created on ASLdeafined is for the community at-large.  This group was designed for people who work with a deaf person, or for those who simply wish to learn ASL for a variety of reasons.  Basically, if a subscriber does not fit into the first two groups, then this would be the area he/she would want to sign up under.  If you have the interest, or passion, to learn ASL, with the intent of one day becoming an interpreter, for example, this would be the group you would want to subscribe under.

At ASLdeafined, our goal is to provide  relevant information that best matches each of our subscribers.  As always, if you have further questions about our site, please email us.