Ways to Practice Your Signing Skills

Although you may feel that you are making some progress, sometimes it is easy to get rusty or run out of ideas for how you can improve your signing skills. Rather than repetitive activities, why not try something new and have fun at the same time?

The more straightforward ways would be to watch ASL videos online or practice your ASL skills with a friend. For those that would like to try something that involves more risk-taking,  consider attending deaf social events or become a tutor to someone just learning how to sign. This way you not only improve your skills, but have the bonus of interacting with others in the community and making important connections as well.

One of the best and most entertaining ways to improve your signing ability is to try your hand at signing songs. Many of us are surrounded by music in our daily life, perhaps the next time you hear a song you might challenge yourself to sign it on the spot. Please do not try this method while driving though J. Good luck and enjoy finding other new and interesting ways to test your skills.