Autistic Children Benefit from Learning American Sign Language (ASL)

We have mentioned the benefits of learning American Sign Language (ASL) for many different populations (general, toddlers, etc.), but some may not consider how positive the experience can be for those with special needs. With the rise of autism, the need for communication with these individuals has also increased, and ASL can be a powerful way to bridge that gap.  Autistic children often express their needs and wants through gestures, and the unique form of language learning that ASL provides fits right in with that. Through the use of sign language, autistic children can communicate more effectively with their caregivers, teachers, other staff members and those outside the school community as well. This is a win-win for all parties as the autistic child is less frustrated, and they can learn sign language more easily and comfortably. This is also one more reason that educators, fellow students, family members and others may want to learn American Sign Language!