Ipad + ASLdeafined = Compatibility

ASL Deafined is now iPad friendly! Of course, we’ve always been friendly toward iPads and any other new technologies, but we’re VERY excited to announce that ASLdeafined.com can now be smoothly interacted with on a tablet device. It is a portable sign language tutor in your bag! No excuses for delaying on your next lesson now that you have access on the go. Stuck at the waiting room in the doctor’s office? Simply log into ASLdeafined.com and learn a few new words while you wait. Everyone else late to the meeting? Take a few minutes to slam dunk some vocabulary before the others arrive. All caught up on your homework? Review signs you struggle with before playing that next round of Angry Birds. Anywhere you can imagine, ASL Deafined will be there (although, we don’t suggest trying this in the car… best to keep both hands on the wheel). Have fun and keep us posted on your experiences! We’d love to receive comments from our readers about the clever ways they’ve fit American Sign Language into their days using iPads.