Careers of the Deaf

So far recent blogs have briefly highlighted the origins of deafness and touched on family dynamics. Yet, what about where most of us spend the bulk of our time? Work. For hearing people reading this, it is important to remember that deaf people can do anything anyone else can do, except hear. Which means, deaf people can be and ARE lawyers, doctors, veterinarians, engineers, teachers, plumbers, mechanics… you name it! Although that may seem obvious to those who care enough to keep up with ASLdeafined, learn American Sign Language and take the time to follow this blog, we cannot stop stressing this enough.

That basic understanding is at the root of overcoming the unfortunately broad misunderstandings of many who see the deaf experience as more limiting than it truly is in reality. The only thing a deaf person cannot do? Answer a “hearing” phone in the traditional sense. Otherwise? The sky is the limit (yes, they can be pilots), as it is with all of us. So why not stretch our own limits and catch up with the Deaf Community sooner rather than later by tackling that next vocabulary lesson!