LIVE ONLINE TUTORING! Coming to a computer near you…

Since we just released the news that we have now gone mobile, it seems appropriate to blog about something even more exciting… our American Sign Language online tutoring program!

This is a unique opportunity for ASL learners to connect live with an expert. Now you can accelerate your progress with our website lessons by working with a real human being. There are many advantages to learning sign language this way, such as practicing specialized vocabulary or preparing for a test. The interactive aspects of personalized tutoring are also a more effective way to improve your receptive and expressive skills. If that doesn’t convince you, there is of course the convenience. Not only does it save you the trouble of having to arrange schedules to meet a tutor in person, it also allows you the flexibility to practice at your own leisure.

Are you still at the beginning stages of learning American Sign Language? Then consider this option and be sure to tune into our next blog for more reasons why you should continue your studies!