TOP 10 REASONS to LEARN AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE (and encourage your friends to too!)

10. You can have a conversation across a room during a meeting or some other boring event and no one will know.

9. You can gossip about people right in front of them and they won’t be the wiser.

8. You can sign underwater with a fellow (signing) scuba diver.

7. How else will you start that conversation with the good looking deaf girl at the bar?

6. You can finally communicate with your deaf great grandfather.

5. You will have many more creative ways to send a message to people who cut you off in traffic.

4. Now you can talk during the Def Leopard concert no matter how loud the music is.

3. Forget the phone, you can chat with your neighbor through the kitchen window.

2. You’ll have a great response for that person who always yaps, “What?!”

1. To communicate with the Deaf Community!