What’s for lunch today?

How about a side of American Sign Language?

In case you weren’t already aware, ASLdeafined offers an extensive video vocabulary!

If subscribing to one of our lesson packages isn’t quite what you are looking for on the menu today, consider gaining access to our 15,000+ word dictionary for only $6/month! This allows new learners the opportunity to test the ASL buffet, or those who have gotten rusty in their skills the chance to grab a wordy snack to get them back on track. You can also customize your list and replay it as needed to solidify your learning. Our service includes synonyms as well, which can sometimes be challenging in sign language.

We strive to keep things current, so the dictionary is constantly being updated. Subsequently, we encourage you to contact us at contact@asldeafined with any suggestions you have for words you would like to see included. You can also reach us on Twitter, Facebook and Linked by searching ASLdeafined.

We hope you choose a sweet  ASL treat for dessert today.

You’ve made it past Monday, you deserve it!