A New Homepage for ASLdeafined.com

Whoa! We did it. Finally, ASLdeafined.com underwent an Extreme Makeover. I cannot wait for you to see it. Not only are the videos recorded by Deaf experts, but also added new features. One of the features is about “handshapes”. Once you login into ASLdeafined.com, you will see a tab on the Navigation bar that says “handshapes”. Click on any one that is listed there. You will see a list of words with that particular handshape. This is a cool feature, and one of the 5 perimeters of learning American Sign Language.

If you have not done a 3 day trial in a while, I personally invite you back to take a look. Please let us know what you like about your visit. And, don’t forget to tell us what we can improve. Okay? We are proud of our site and want the best for you, our users! 🙂

3-day Trial