Personalize Your Own Dictionary on ASLdeafined

You can now personalize your own dictionary on ASLdeafined.  Simply find the words you prefer in the dictionary. Once you click on a word in the dictionary, you will see “Add to My Vocabulary”. Click that. And all your words will be saved under the icon “My Vocabulary”. Then, if you want to review all of your words automatically, click on “Practice My Vocabulary”. It will automatically cycle through all of the words until you call stop. This is a great way to practice while keeping your hands free for signing. So, get those hands warmed up and press “Practice My Vocabulary”.

Our dictionary is perfect for students taking ASL, future interpreters, parents with Deaf children, co-workers of the Deaf, or anyone that wants to learn this great language. We also offer over 300 themed lessons on ASLdeafined with retention exercises and much more.  You will be amazed with all of the information on ASLdeafined.  Go ahead and do a FREE trial.  You will love what you see.  🙂

As a side note, if you are affiliated with a school or organization, we offer a year subscription at a substantial discount. Simple email me at to receive the Promo Code.