A Thank You Note to Interpreters

by Jenna, Deaf Expert

Interpreters, thank you for always helping us out. You’re the ones who help me figure out my teacher’s instructions, my doctor’s advice, and my family’s worries over the phone. You tell jokes and share stories with me while we wait for the teacher to show up, and are just plain friendly people in general.

I see the students that end up becoming interpreters: They share a true passion for sign language and a deep respect for the Deaf community. I see these students carpooling from Deaf event to Deaf event trying to get all their hours in. I see these students studying every moment they can until they get their certifications. If there is any word out there to describe an interpreter it’s DEDICATED, and I’m so thankful there are people out there like you!

When you’re drowning in homework, or tired from all of the awesome Deaf events you attend, remember that we all appreciate how hard you work for us. You always seem to have our interests at heart and we love you for it.

Thank you, interpreters and students, for showing what it means to truly love your job! Keep up the great work! 🙂

All my thanks,