The Telephone Game: A Hidden Retention Exercise

Why Play?

Learning American Sign Languages has it’s challenges, and luckily there are fun ways to practice! A student’s retention, or their ability to understand ASL, can be a toughie to develop. Good thing we have “The Telephone Game!”

How To Play:

  1. All students should line up in two rows, facing away from the Judge (teacher or student volunteer). The first students in each row turn around to face the Judge.
  2. The Judge signs a word or phrase (“the secret”) from ASL vocabulary used in class. The two students can ask for it to be repeated as many times as they like.
  3. The Judge counts down from 3- The first two students in each row then turn around and sign the “secret” to the student behind them. It continues until the end of the line. Make sure no one is turning around before it’s their turn!
  4. The last student must write down “the secret” on the board: First one to finish wins!

Hint: Run out of ideas for “secrets”? Try fingerspelling new words!