5 Things You Didn’t Know About Our Dictionary

Our dictionary, consisting of THOUSANDS of videos, holds a few hidden secrets:


1. Sign variations and synonyms are shown at the bottom of each video.

We have links to sign variations right at the bottom of the video! You can also find synonyms here.


2. You can add words to a list for review later.

There’s a nifty feature on ASLdeafined called My Vocabulary, which plays a list of videos you add over and over for quick and easy studying. You can add more videos by searching for the vocabulary word in the dictionary, then selecting “Add To My Vocabulary”.


3. You can sort the dictionary by handshape or location.

By selecting the Handshape or Location tabs you will bring up the ASLdeafined Dictionary, but with a new way to sort it out! This feature really helps around homework time!





4. You can request new words to add to the dictionary.

If there’s a sign for that, we will add it to the dictionary ASAP! It’s not very hard either- just a click away.


5. You can slow down all the videos!

Ok- this might not really be a secret. It’s still really cool!

Learning ASL can be tough, but not with ASLdeafined! We’re learning the best way: one sign at a time.