The 7 Learning Styles & ASLdeafined

We practice what we preach! At ASLdeafined our Deaf instructors teach American Sign Language one sign at a time to ensure that everyone can learn with us. We utilitize techniques to ensure that all learning styles can take advantage of what the site has to offer. All seven learning styles can be applied to or already come with ASLdeafined- how do you like to learn ASL?

Visual learners prefer pictures and images. These students will need a visual demonstration in order to understand a concept. (This is especially true in signed languages.) ASLdeafined displays a video of each sign that you can slow down and see over and over again. Learning ASL from a flat page in a book will never be as effect as live instruction for our visual learners.

Aural learners prefer using music to learn concepts. A popular project among ASL classrooms includes interpreting songs! Learning The National Anthem or even the F.U.N. Song in ASL helps these students apply what they learn to what they enjoy- Make it fun in the classroom and have them pick their own songs to sign!

Verbal learners should probably take Spanish, French, or another language that actually uses your voice. From an instructors point of view you can help verbal learners by describing how the sign is shaped (ie. close your hand, lift your index finger, etc). Hearing how the sign is made helps make that connection.

Physical learners will LOVE sign language! It’s all about their hands! If you’re the kind of student that needs to walk themselves through it try using our slow button on the videos! You can practice as many times as you want and the teacher won’t need to move on. 🙂

Logic learners and Vulcans can find a wonderful solace with the layout of ASLdeafined. Other sites seem like a collection of random words, but our lessons follow lesson plans implemented across all levels of education (including college classes). We apologize in advance to the Vulcans, as they may have difficulty with our Emotions lessons.

Social learners would find that our site is constantly updated to improve our content. We take special care to make sure our signs are accurate and up to date. If you use us to study up before hanging out with your “signing crowd” you’ll never have to worry whether or not that new sign you learned is right!

And last we have our Solitary learners, or introverts. ASLdeafined was designed to use in the classroom AND at home, but do you really get a lot out of it? YES. Just like school there are activities to do for each lessons, tests, quizzes, and articles about Deaf Culture. It’s all the fun of school without other people (which means it’s a lot more fun).

ASLdeafined is the most flexible and easy way to learn ASL. Try us out for free today with our 3-Day Trial!

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