Homeschooling with ASLdeafined – 5 Steps to Easy Lesson Plans!

Not everyone learns in a classroom, and Sign Language is a lot easier to learn when you can see it- right? That means that learning from a bunch of papers isn’t going to help out much! Here’s a quick-guide to help you set up the #1 Online ASL Textbook fast and easy!

Step 1: Sign Up For Our Teacher’s Price

ASLdeafined LOVES teachers of all backgrounds, and that includes homeschooling! With our Teacher’s Price your students receive the #1 resource for learning American Sign Language for…. (wait for it!)… just one dollar a month. Yes, really.

Step 2: Decide The Class Level

If your student is just starting out then our Beginner lessons would be a perfect place to start! ASLdeafined is organized into 4 different levels of lessons from Beginner to Advanced Plus. Choose the level that is right for your student(s) and proceed to step 3.

Step 3: Draw Up A Lesson Plan

Each level consists about 1,000 vocabulary words… and they are all neatly organized into lessons! One lesson per day is a great pace for most students and each one has video demonstrations, a slow-motion button on each video, and homework assignments tailored to the lesson. All you have to do to draw your lesson plan is pick up a pencil! With ASLdeafined it’s that easy!

Step 4: Learn To Use The ‘My Vocabulary’ Feature

All of our videos in our dictionary come with an option to add it to your own personal list called ‘My Vocabulary’. Once your list is filled with ASL videos you can review them one-by-one with the click of a button. Imaging what would happen if you could have video flashcards to study with…


You’ve got your lesson plan, your homework assignments prepared, and your students are ready to learn- so go out there and build bridges one sign at a time!


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