Rejuvenate your ASL Program with ASLdeafined!

The impressive and growing popularity of American Sign Language is sweeping the nation and schools are desperate to keep up with student demand- but are they choosing the best curriculum? Ask yourself these questions:


1. What materials are used? 

A standard ASL curriculum includes some books and few DVDs with demonstrations of ASL at various levels of difficulty. While the DVDs are usually quite helpful when learning to understand ASL, they can not be slowed down. Students that use these materials often complain about the speed of the videos. “They’re just too fast to understand! I’m only in ASL 1!” ASLdeafined is the only ASL curriculum to provide a complete video-dictionary for all vocabulary, complete with a helpful slow-motion tool on every video.

2. $?

We all know that schools have a tight budget: that’s why they need a curriculum that is not only effective, but also easy on the wallet. Buying in bulk can only save so much and then those books get thrown into lockers, dropped in puddles, and face everyday disasters waiting to happen! With our Teacher’s Price you get a brand new account for each student for (wait for it…) $12 per student/year. No really! We aren’t kidding!

3. How updated is the material?

No more waiting a whole year for the next edition to fix that one sign on page 81… ASLdeafined is updated constantly. You can even request new words for the dictionary that we don’t have on the site (if you manage to find one!)

4. Ok this all sounds great… but will it work for my lower level classes? 

Of course! The ASLdeafined curriculum can be easily integrated into all levels of education and is currently being used in Elementary, Secondary, and University level classes across the US! We even offer special accounts for deaf children and their parents. No one is left out at ASLdeafined!

5. Still not convinced? Check out our Key Features (for Teachers!):


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