Top 15 Reasons Why People Join

Here are the top 15 reasons why people join

15.  To learn to communicate with co-workers.

14.  To become an interpreter for the Deaf.

13.  To learn about Deaf culture.

12.  To get better at receptive skills.

11.  To have 24/7 access  to ASL.

10.  To practice ASL handshapes.

9.  To become fluent at ASL.

8.  To learn about ASL parameters.

7.  To get instant feedback on retention exercises.

6.  To practice ASL fingerspelling.

5.  To teach my class ASL.

4.  To learn ASL to talk with a Deaf relative.

3.  To communicate with a deaf son or daughter.

2.  To improve ones own ASL skills.

1.  To learn this awesome language by authentic Deaf people.


There are countless reasons to learn ASL.  Come join us at and see for yourself the many reasons to learn this beautiful language.  Try Us For Free