Why is our ASL Dictionary the BEST?

You’re desperate to finish that ASL homework… or maybe that sign is on the tip of your ‘fingers’- either way you need that sign NOW! So why choose ASLdeafined? 

  1. 16,000+ Videos: Our video dictionary contains vocabulary from our lessons, variations of those signs, and even requested words from anyone that learns with us!
  2. Variations for Signs: ASLdeafined includes different versions of signs (that we know about!). The word COMPUTER, for example, has more than 5 variations in our dictionary! Holy cow! 
  3. My Vocabulary Study Feature: If you have a full account with ASLdeafined you can add your vocab list to ‘My Vocabulary’. With this feature you can play your entire vocab list for a new and easy way to study! 
  4. Don’t have that sign in our dictionary? No problem!: No one is perfect, and we certainly aren’t the first! If you happen to find a word ‘missing’ from out dictionary you can ask for it to be put in! Simply select ‘Request Word’ and help us expand our ever-growing dictionary!

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