What’s New With ASLdeafined?

ASLdeafined has had a lot of news lately, so here’s the scoop!

  1. Better Resources for Teachers
    ………ASLdeafined has over 300 lessons… and now they all have handouts specifically for teachers! Games, worksheets, quizzes, and more are now available for classroom use.
  2. The Gift of Sign Language
             Our Holiday Gift Certificates have arrived! Click here to learn more about giving the gift of language this holiday season.
  3. Our New Mobile App (Coming Soon!)
             You read correctly- we are going mobile! Soon all of our lessons AND our dictionary will be available on Android and IOS smartphones.
  4. Sign Of The Day is now on Facebook!
             Thanks to the wonderful responses from our #SignOfTheDay on Twitter, we have decided to extend this to our Facebook page! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get that extra daily ASL mini-session!

Facebook: @ASLDeafinedMI

Twitter: @ASLdeafined