5 Lessons You Didn’t Know We Covered in ASLdeafined

Ever wonder what you’re missing out on? Discover these 5 Awesome ASL Lessons of ASLdeafined!

  1. Technology for the Deaf
    Thanks to some really smart cookies out there, there’s a TON of technology available to help out the deaf. One of the most common devices, a Video Phone, allows a deaf person to make phone calls! (Picture a video app that connects to a system of interpreters. Cool right?)


  2. World Cultures
    We’ll take you around to world and learn about different countries- including China, Ireland, and Singapore!


  3. Christmas
    It’s only 17 Days until Christmas! Time to brush up so you can wish your friends a proper Happy Holidays in ASL!


  4. Deaf Culture
    Sometimes our hands get tired. Good thing too, because that gives up plenty of time to cover amazing topics in Deaf Culture! Learn about Deaf History, jokes, and where ASL came from!

    Sign: DEAF

  5. Story Time
    Grab your blankets and your fuzzy slippers- it’s STORY TIME! We have spicy milk, crazy vacations, and so much more!

    Sign: STORY

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