National Doctor’s Day – Deaf Doctor Phillip Zazove

Dr. Philip Zazove and his wife, Dr. Barbara Reed, met at Washington University medical school.

Dr. Phillip Zazove has bean deaf for most of his life, but that never stopped him from chasing his dreams of becoming a doctor! Dr. Zazove graduated from Washington University as the third deaf American physician, knows sign language, and mostly caters to deaf and hard-of-hearing patients. His studies were hard, but he kept at it: “My clinical years there were hard, because I depend on lipreading. It was especially difficult during rounds where people didn’t face me or when I was in an operating room where everyone wore masks. I learned the material by preparing ahead of time and asking many questions after.”

But wait- there’s more! Dr. Zazove is also the Department Chair of Family Medicine at the University of Michigan, and runs a non-profit that gives scholarships to students with severe hearing loss. He credits his success to his parents: “My life has been a wonderful journey. My parents made all the difference by refusing to believe my hearing loss was an insurmountable barrier.”

Way to go, Dr. Zazove! Keep doing what you love!

Story and photo obtained from CNN