Requested Word Feature – Fantastic Addition to ASLdeafined!

In the ASLdeafined dictionary, there are over 17,000 words and counting.  In fact, we pride ourselves on having the BEST ASL dictionary on the internet.  However, if you are like me, after requesting a word, forgetting what I just requested is inevitable.

At ASLdeafined, we have created a way for all of your requested words to be in one place.  YES!!  And, I have to say, this is awesome!!


Look at the Dashboard below.  This Dashboard looks like a typical page.  This is the look before any word is requested:









Now look at the Dashboard after requesting a word.  Notice the change from the first illustration to this one.









Now look at the Dashboard after your word request is completed (we have added your requested word to our dictionary). 








Lastly, look at the page after you click on “Completed Requests”









We typically record newly requested words once a month.  So, if you have words that you would like to see on ASLdeafined, please let us know by using this new feature.  As a reminder, we don’t add words that you are not supposed to say to your mother or in church .


See you online!

P. Fugate