Teacher Appreciation Week – Questions By Teachers, For Teachers

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, and our favorite teachers are (of course) the ASL teachers! Teachers like us back, too: ASLdeafined is the #1 Online ASL Textbook used by teachers across America for only $12 per student a year!

Here’s a list of cool features for teachers, along with some frequently asked questions! 


How many levels of ASL are on ASLdeafined?

There are 4 distinct levels of ASL on ASLdeafined.com.  We have beginner, intermediate, advanced and advanced plus.  ASLdeafined is extremely user and teacher friendly!


Are there lesson plans for each lesson on ASLdeafined?

Yes!  There are lesson plans for each themed lesson on ASLdeafined.  If you have a teacher account, I can “flip the switch” for you to have the lesson plans.  The lesson plans will give you ideas and suggestions what to do with your students.  The nice thing is that you can see the lesson plans, but students cannot.


Are all the people on the videos Deaf?

Yes!  All of the people on our website are Deaf.  Most of them been teaching ASL for decades.  We are fortunate to have these wonderful and talented folks working for ASLdeafined.


Does each lesson have retention exercises for students to complete? 

Yes.  Each lesson has retention exercises for students to complete.  As soon as the exercises and activities are completed, they are scored and documented on each student’s progress chart.  This makes it really easy for homework and progress monitoring.  Students can either print off their progress chart or email them to you to record in your grade book.

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