ASLdeafined Weekly Newsletter – Netflix Captioning, CJ Jones, & More!

ASLdeafined Weekly Newsletter – 7/6/2018

Netflix Fails To Provide Accurate Captions

Netflix might be your favorite streaming service, but they definitely aren’t our favorite captioners. Netflix admitted recently to having captions that are subpar: missing phrases, poorly timed captioning, profanity censored despite the actor’s voice not being ‘bleeped out’, and even plain mis-captioning videos. Several complaints particularly include that Netflix ‘cleans up’ words or phrases even though the actor or actress may say it a specific way (i.e. “got to” instead of “gotta”). 


Netflix streams many popular shows, including The Crown, several Marvel TV dramas, and even the Deaf-focused Switched At Birth. However, if their captioning fails to meet FCC standards, viewers may begin to seek other streaming services like Hulu. Captioning needs to be 100% accurate, should include any sounds that are crucial to the scene, and should not interfere with how the scene unfolds. If a viewer watches a comedian’s Netflix special then the punch-line should be displayed exactly when the comedian says it: Instead they display the joke in it’s entirety which may spoil the joke. 

Disgruntled Netflix viewers quickly turned to Twitter, explaining that their captioning has become something to be ashamed of. Many voiced ways to improve the captioning, including Twitter users @shan_no_nosays and @LauraMStump. 

“Be precise and convey exactly what they say, don’t censor or clean up their “broken” language. If they swear and the sound isn’t censored, DO NOT CENSOR THE CAPTIONS. I’m so over hearing privilege and whitewashing,” Deaf Twitter user @shan_no_nosays writes. “When someone speaks in another language, I WANT TO SEE IT IN FULL. Don’t just write (speaks Italian), that’s lazy. And it’s even more irritating if others are shown to understand, which suggests it’s a common phrase.”

Why are your captions on your own shows so inaccurate? It’s a disservice to the people whose work you support AND, most importantly, it’s a disservice to people who rely on captions for an accurate representation of what’s happening.” -@LauraMStump 


Daily Moth Story – Netflix Admits “Lots of Dialogue” Missing from Subtitles


The Deaf Throughout History Spotlight – CJ Jones

CJ jones

CJ Jones at the NTID Alumni Reunion, via Facebook

There’s the Deaf throughout history, and the Deaf making history: CJ Jones is a renowned actor and comedian who has been in the spotlight for quite some time now. Jones grew up in the Deaf world, thanks to his parents (deaf themselves). He attended the Missouri School of the Deaf, made valedictorian, and continued his education at the National Technical Institute of the Deaf in New York. He recently attended the NTID Alumni 50th Anniversary, pictured left.

CJ Jones started as a comedian, creating and starring in one-man shows that spread to  Japan, Sweden, Australia, Ecuador, and Canada as well as the United States. His talents as an actor were recently shown when he portrayed the deaf father of “Baby” (Ansel Elgort) in Baby Driver (2017). Jones and Elgort are seen signing throughout the film, giving the deaf community a little bit of sunshine in an otherwise action-packed hit movie. Jones also announced his upcoming role in the next Avatar sequel which will hopefully release to theaters in 2020. 

CJ Jones is expected to continue leaving his mark on the world and showing that the deaf can do anything (except hear). 

CJ Jones Facebook Page
CJ Jones Website 


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Handshape of the Week – B!

The B-handshape is described as a vertical hand with straight fingers, and a thumb crossing over the palm. Shown below is the word BROWN, which demonstrates the B-handshape.

Other signs in ASL that use the B-Handshape are: