ASLdeafined Weekly Newsletter: Deaf Santas, SuperDeafy, and More!

ASLdeafined Weekly Newsletter – 12/7/2018


Signing Santa_1544068994445.JPG.jpg

A Signing Santa in Austin, Texas, from WKYC

Deaf Santas Help Kids Celebrate Christmas

It’s Christmas time! Those songs are on the radio, our relatives are out shopping for the best deals, and the malls are filled to the brim with children waiting in line to tell Santa exactly what they hope to see under the tree that morning. 

But what if you couldn’t tell Santa what you wanted? 

Luckily, Santa understands that all children (hearing and deaf) should get the chance to request that number one gift on their list. “Signing Santa” was at the Flint Children’s Museum eager to ask the children what they want for Christmas this year on Thursday. 

Santa tells NBC 25 News that he was inspired by his own experiences as a child: “When he was young, Santa didn’t understand him and he would cry,” Deaf Santa’s interpreter explained. “Couldn’t tell him what he wanted for Christmas.” Now that Santa helps little deaf girls and boys experience that little extra bit of magic- Santa can understand what you want for Christmas! 

This event, organized by the Court Street United Methodist Church, is one of many Deaf and Signing Santas across the country. Thank you, Santa, for helping us all experience that extra special feeling of Christmas! 


Image result for john maucere

John Maucere, via Wiki

Deaf Spotlight: John Maucere!

It’s not ordinary Deafie this week in our spotlight, it’s SUPERDEAFY! John Maucere was born deaf and attended school at the California School of the Deaf before heading to Gallaudet University. He studied theatre, but also found the time to help demand progress for Deaf rights during the infamous Deaf President Now protest. After graduating he started a film company called Deafywood, and became friends with a bunch of renowned Deafies (including Marlee Matlin). 

Maucere did a small cameo in Switched At Birth, but he is more famous for his starring role in No Ordinary Hero: The SuperDeafy Movie. Maucere plays Tony Kane, an actor who is fed up with how SuperDeafy is portrayed (as somewhat of a doofus) in their television show. 

Maucere has a wife, two kids, and a special place in our hearts as our favorite Deaf superhero!


Gift the Gift of Sign Language

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Handshape of the Week: I!

The I-handshape is a closed fist with a raised pinky, as shown below in the sign for INDEPENDENT!

Other signs that use the I-handshape include: