ASLdeafined Weekly Newsletter: The Best Stocking Stuffer, Thomas Edison, and More!

ASLdeafined Weekly Newsletter – 12/14/2018


Tis The Season For American Sign Language

Last week we talked about Deaf Santas and how they help deaf children everywhere tell ol’ St. Nick what they’d like under the tree, so this week let’s talk gifts! If you love learning Sign Language with us and would love to share it with your loved ones, then what better gift than on of our Gift Certificates? 

By giving the gift of Sign Language you are:

Plus, by learning Sign Language you can do cool things like talk underwater or through windows! So get that Christmas shopping done and click HERE to help the world learn sign language, one sign at a time.


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Thomas Edison, via Famous Biographies

Deaf Spotlight: Thomas Edison!

When you think of famous people that are deaf, is Thomas Edison high up on that list? He’s already pretty famous on his own for patenting the light-bulb, but did you know that he had hearing loss as young as twelve? While it is unknown exactly what caused his hearing loss is has been assumed that it was the result of Scarlet Fever, or even a possible hereditary link! He spent the majority of his life losing or having lost most of his hearing. 

Edison even saw his hearing loss as an advantage, suggesting that the quiet helped him to focus on his projects. He even recommends that deaf people read more, as it was preferable to conversation. 

Thomas Edison earns credit for the invention of the telegraph, the phonograph, the light-bulb, motion pictures, the battery, certain chemicals, and has made contributions to mining as well as power distribution. Without Edison’s “focus” (from his lack of hearing) perhaps the world would be a little darker at night.


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Handshape of the Week: 8!

The 8-handshape shows the middle finger and thumb touching with other fingers raised, as shown below in the sign for TERRIBLE.

Other signs that use the 8-handshape include: