Deafie of the Week: Sean Forbes!

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Sean Forbes, from Google.


Sean Forbes: Deaf and Loud


Want to add some new music to your playlist? Sean Forbes is a rapper who grew up around his musician parents and fell in love. He started with a drum set at the age of five and quickly grew to love rock ‘n’ roll, but ultimately found his home in the world of hip-hop. Forbes stumbled upon a track simply labelled “BEATS” (in a studio frequented by Eminem, no less!) and immediately started writing lyrics to go over the track. Turns out the beats were written by Jeff Bass’s son Jake, who was impressed with Sean’s work. “My first reaction was ‘What?! I have to meet this guy!'” 

Forbes soon released his first album Perfect Imperfection, which contained twelve music videos simultaneously performed in English and ASL. Sean Forbes explains that he was inspired by MTV music videos and even considers himself a visual artist. In his music videos he displays the lyrics on the screen in a style that reflects the music and lyrical message, thus creating a unique visual and musical experience. Marlee Matlin even shows up in video Let’s Mambo! 

Last year Sean Forbes released his latest work Two Blown Speakers which currently holds more than 20,000 views on YouTube. 

For more info about Sean, visit his website at