Deafie of the Week: Juliette Gordon Low!


Juliete Gordon Low

Did you know that the founder of the Girl Scouts was deaf? Julliette Gordon Low became deaf in early adulthood, but that never stopped her from forming one of the most iconic groups in American! She was raised in Georgia with Southern values, and became inspired by the Boy Scouts. She eventually moved to England to learn more about a troop called the “Girl Guides”.

The Girl Guides were a group dedicated to teaching young girls first aid, cooking, and other skills like tying knots. She founded several Girl Guides groups while living in England, and eventually moved back to the states (bringing a love of the Guides with her!). She founded the very first American Girl Guides group in her hometown of Savannah, Georgia- this was the foundation of the modern Girl Scouts (and their famous cookies, of course!). 

Low taught the Girl Scouts about knot tying, foraging, and first aid among other important skills. Despite some support from outside the organization, the Girl Scouts were mostly funded by herself in the beginning. Today her birthday, October 31st, is celebrated as Founder’s Day by scouts across the country.