FAQs of Deaf Life (Funny)

Wanted to ask that odd question to that random deaf guy in the store, but felt too awkward to talk to a stranger? Well scroll down and see if it’s here!


AH! Nice to meet you too! But there’s no need to yell- just talk at an even pace and try not to mumble.

2. “How did you get here?”

Well Bertram is on holiday so I had to drive myself.

3. “So you know ASL? Teach me how to swear!”


5. Wait- how do you know what I’m saying without an interpreter?

I actually read your lips as they form words and (usually) understand! Lipreading isn’t an exact science though, so I still might need you to repeat some things.

4. Do you read braille?

“They only offered Spanish at my school, so no.”

6. Do you listen to music?

Yes, I do! It is, however, VERY loud. I’m grateful that my neighbors appreciate my taste in music. I tend to listen to songs with a heavy bass in it.

7. Can you hear me now?

Nope. Sorry, Verizon.

8. I will pray for you.

That is not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

9. Is your family Deaf?

I am the only person in my family that is Deaf. Some of my family have hearing aids but do not know sign language. 90% of deaf children are born into hearing families, and I am no exception!

10. Are there other deaf people like you?

You bet! Your local Deaf community is full of music, art, and meet-ups that all embrace Deaf Culture at it’s finest. Try an ASL poetry slam or a Deaf Coffee!

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