“You’re deaf? How do you drive?!”

A Satire by Jenna V.


Deaf people living in India have recently gained the right to drive, and I wanted to answer some questions regarding us ‘dangerous’ deaf motorists! Here is a list of FAQs that I get about driving, and my response:


1. So… you’re deaf. How do you get to work? 

Well since Pegasus is at the vet I’m probably going to drive the car in my driveway.


2. But you can’t hear the police sirens!

Are the big flashing lights easy for you to ignore or something?


3. What happens when you get pulled over?

I get arrested… since deaf people can’t drive, apparently.


4. How did you get your driver’s license?

I stole it? I don’t even remember now.


5. What’s a ‘deaf people minute’?

The amount of time it takes a deaf person to explain that they can drive just fine.


So, if you or a loved one notice a deaf driver on the road, watch out: they just might know what they’re doing.

Always be aware and drive safe! 🙂