5 Reasons You Should Be Using ASLdeafined (#5 is BRAND NEW!)

Learning American Sign Language is as fun as it is rewarding, but not all textbooks are created equal (especially online)! Take a look at why ASLdeafined continues to be the #1 Online ASL Video Textbook.No Deaf People Are Harmed In The Making Of Our Videos.

Deaf Expert and Instructor

1. We use Deaf ASL Experts.
All of our videos feature
real fluent signers within the Deaf community, and are vetted by a team of interpreters and Deaf persons. This means you’re getting authentic American Sign Language and Deaf Culture instruction!

2. You can learn at your own pace.
Our curriculum is designed to help you learn ASL one sign at a time. User-friendly navigation gives you instant access to lessons, homework exercises, and our 16,000+ Online Video ASL Dictionary.

ASLdeafined.com Dashboard

3. Did we mention the 16,000+ Online Video ASL Dictionary?
Say that five times fast! We are constantly updating our website to include as many new signs, and variations of old signs, as possible. This means we got a LOT of video!

*Protip: Make sure to take advantage of the Slow-Mo feature in every video!*

4. We love teachers, and teachers love us!
Without teachers to help spread the wonder language that is ASL, we wouldn’t get very far. That’s why we added curriculum guides, teacher monitoring, and more to make using ASLdeafined easy and effective.

*We are also easy to fit into your schools budget! Email us at info@alsdeafined.com to find out more about our discounts for school.*

5. NEW: You can keep track of Deaf Events!
Within our blog you can now post Deaf Events that are happening near you to our website! Do you go to your local Deaf Coffee? Know about an Open Caption Night at your local theater? Let us know by submitting it HERE!

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions for us, please let us know at info@asldeafined.com!