Deafie Spotlight: Daniel Durant!

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Daniel Durant was born deaf in Detroit and spent his childhood in Duluth, Minnesota. He attended mainstream schools until the 8th grade, when he began going to the Minnesota State School for the Deaf. He attended both RIT and Gallaudet University before heading to LA to join the Deaf West Theatre production of Cyrano. He didn’t stay long and returned to Metro Detroit to perform as a guest actor at Oakland University with Terp Theater.

In 2013, Durant left to act in his most notable role as Matthew in the ABC drama
Switched At Birth. He’s been doing quite a bit since then though! Durant has also recently announced that he will be in the next season of Netflix’s series You. His passion for helping the Deaf community shows through his countless workshops for deaf actors. He has even started the Deaf Gamers Network (where he can often be found playing Rocket League) to help make gaming and e-sports accessible for the deaf.

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