Deaf News This Week: 12/27/2019

Happy New Year! 🙂

Thank You Deaflympics / No News

Thank you for supporting 2019 Winter Deaflympics coverage; No normal news for this week..[Transcript] Hello! I’m back in North America. We have completed our coverage of the 2019 Winter Deaflympics in Italy. I hope you’ve enjoyed our coverage. I want to thank three people who were on the The Daily Moth team — they worked hard by going up to the top of mountains, into the snow and the cold, working through the night, sometimes without sleep, dealing with a strange schedule and a lot of travel. They endured for two weeks. Those three are Callie Frye, Toj Mora, and Sarah Gordon. I am grateful for the three. I also want to thank three people on the USADSF Media Team — Stacy Nowak, Amelia Hamilton, and Hugh Carey. They worked very hard as well and supported Moth with releasing news. I want to thank the USADSF Board for believing in Moth and for their support and partnership in sending us over there for coverage. I want to thank our sponsors and business organizations who bought ads. With their support, it’s helped us to release news. I want to thank two of Moth’s long-time major sponsors, Convo and Gallaudet, for their belief in Moth and for their support through the Deaflympics. I want to thank the DPAN team for their support with captioning — specifically Paul Hovan, who often worked late, strange hours, but always delivered with captions. Also to the DPAN team for their multiple contributions. All of you made it possible to deliver the Winter Deaflympics. It was a rich experience for us. My respect goes to athletes who were willing to sacrifice their bodies and work hard and spend their own money to represent America, and for those who represented their own respective countries. The Deaflympics is a beautiful experience and to see the world come together… it is also a humbling experience, because USA is no longer the “only, big one” but is a small piece of many in an International competition to see who is the victor. I will never forget the experience and again, I hope you enjoyed our coverage. I want to let you know today there will be no regular news. Tomorrow is Christmas and after that is Thursday and Friday, so I’ve decided there will be no Moth news this week. On Monday we’ll be back to delivering normal news from Detroit. That’s all, have a wonderful Christmas tomorrow and a wonderful week of rest with your family, friends, and loved ones. See you later and stay with the light!

Posted by The Daily Moth on Tuesday, December 24, 2019