Deaf News This Week: 7/3/2020

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Thursday, July 2 top news briefs

Covid-19 impact on bars and gyms; Ghislaine Maxwell arrested in connection to Jeffrey Epstein case; U.S. economy adds 4.8 million jobs; “Black Lives Matter” painting on 5th Ave in NYC; Russian voters allows Putin to remain in power until 2036; Black and quadriplegic man allowed to die because of “poor quality of life”Transcript:

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Classmate of Daniel Henry shares story about his life and death

In 1968, a Black Deaf man named Daniel Henry, who lived in the Salisbury, Maryland area, died after he was shot by a police officer. Here is an interview with a classmate of his, Milbert Jones.Transcript:

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Episode 12: Racism and Oppression Trough the Deaf Black Lens.

"Racism and Oppression Through the Black Deaf Lens" led by our guest host Lauren Ridloff and our special guests Dr. Glenn Anderson, Claudia Gordon, and Matthew Bryant.

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Seniors flooded with pen pal love

Seniors flooded with pen pal loveTranscriptThe coronavirus pandemic has left assisted living facility residents especially isolated as visitor access remain shut down.Victorian senior care, which manages 14 North Carolina facilities, came up with a creative way to ease the strain of social isolation.It's an old school idea with a 21st-century twist, using social media to connect residents with pen pals around the world.Pen pals are usually strangers that write each other letters or message each other online.Residents smiled for pictures while holding signs with their names and interests with a sign above their heads saying "Will you be my pen pal?"Staff then shared the images on Facebook which went viral.They also shared the address of where to send letters. The response was massive.Mails and packages poured in from across the globe including Germany, New Zealand and countries in Africa.Posted – 7.2.20

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Hundreds of elephants found dead

Hundreds of elephants found deadTranscriptAccording to local conservationists, over the past three months more than 360 elephants have died under mysterious circumstances in Botswana in Southern Africa.The Botswana government is testing samples from the dead elephants but they have yet to determine a cause of death.Last year Botswana lifted an elephant hunting ban it had in place in 2014, sparking international outcry.Conservationists said it is possible the animals were killed illegally, although the tusks were still on the elephants.They also say there could be a number of possibilities including an elephant-specific parasite or even Covid-19. Conservationists say whatever the cause, it is important to get to the bottom of it as the loss of elephant life was already "significant globally."In a 2016 survey "The Great Elephant Census" it was revealed that between 2007 to 2014 elephant numbers plummeted by at least 30-percent or 144-thousand.Botswana is home to 130-thousand elephants, more than any other country on the continent.Posted – 7.2.20

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