We hope you enjoyed our “sign story” chatting about autumn and sharing some concepts typically related to this time of year. As part of our efforts to keep our dictionary current, we will also occasionally post blog entries related to current events.

For example, most of us heard about hurricane Ian and the impact it had on Florida.  Our hearts certainly go out to those affected by the destruction and hope everyone gets a break from storms for a while! We also keep the people of Ukraine in our thoughts as they withstand the war with Russia. Meanwhile, as November elections approach, we remind everyone of voting age to make sure you are registered to exercise your right to cast a ballot.

In local news, we recently had the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. It is fun as a company based in Southeast Michigan for us to share some of what makes this area special.

We hope you challenge yourself or students to share their own news updates using sign language. Until next time!

(PSST. Did you catch which sign was the same for two different words? Another reminder that ASL is based on concepts, not a literal translation of English.)