You’re on your way before you even really started!

Feeling discouraged with your ASL progress? Have a student who struggles to remember vocabulary? Convinced yourself that it’s too difficult to learn a new language at your age? Take comfort in the fact that basically 60% of signs are common or partial gestures that humans often use. See the story below created from combining several of these types of signs. Can you make a story of your own with these words? Better yet, can you find other signs beyond these 10 examples and try and put them in a paragraph that makes sense? Have some fun and remember when you hit a roadblock that you are already well on your way even before you started formally studying American Sign Language.

A Teenage Boy Tries to Balance

My mom said, “Your father is waiting in the car, better not be late to school” but of course I left my required reading book on my bed and had to run back upstairs. I can’t believe I forgot to write the summary of the last chapters, so I hope I don’t lose too many points. There is not much I can do about it now, I’ll just have to stay up later next time so I don’t throw my grade in the trash can. I was so tired last night though! I don’t think people realize how hard it is for a high school junior who is on the neighborhood swim team and school baseball team. I’ll admit I spend more time playing pick-up games of basketball at the local park though. I know I could make that team as well if the guys would pass the ball to me so I can practice my dribbling. Anyway the best part is I get to eat a lot of pizza when everyone goes out after the meets and games. Maybe if I try an energy drink I’ll be able to keep up the sports and still pass my classes.