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ASL Video Lesson: Multiple Meaning Words (Concept Words)

Multiple Meaning Words are critical in American Sign Language (ASL).  Some people may refer to them as “Concept” words.  An example of multiple meaning words would be the word, “Run”.  The sentence, “I enjoy running.” and “My nose is running.” use a totally different concept of the word, “run”.  Recently, ASLdeafined added many multiple meaning […]

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How Many Lessons on ASLdeafined?

Question: Some People have inquired about the number of lessons already on ASLdeafined, and how long it would take to complete all of them. Answer:  Right now, we have about 315 lessons on This includes retention exercises, reviews, quizzes, fingerspelling practice, and story time. The entire website is self-paced. Some people may complete all of […]

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