The Telephone Game: A Hidden Retention Exercise

Why Play? Learning American Sign Languages has it’s challenges, and luckily there are fun ways to practice! A student’s retention, or their ability to understand ASL, can be a toughie to develop. Good thing we have “The Telephone Game!” How To Play: All students should line up in two rows, facing away from the Judge (teacher […]

Gilbert Baker & The Flag – LGBT Pride Month

A Quick History of the LGBT Flag Gilbert Baker was recently portrayed in Dustin Lance Black’s When We Rise and is the creator of the iconic LGBT flag and it’s proud rainbow. The original flag had eight colors, and is shown in the photo to the left: This particular flag stretched over two kilometers of Key […]

Deaf Expert of the Month: Mindy!

You see a LOT of Mindy on our site and Facebook page- And it’s no surprise she’s our Deaf Expert of the Month! Whenever you need a big smile, she’s there to help! We LOVE her enthusiasm! Here she is signing EXCITED: Mindy was born deaf, and graduated from Madonna University with a bachelor’s degree […]

ASL vs BSL – Turtles!

This week we celebrated Turtle Day! We LOVE the sign for turtle in ASL- that cute little shell! – but did you know the sign for turtle is JUST as cute in British Sign Language?   We sign this (ASL):   Our neighbors across the pond sign the word turtle like this: http://www.signbsl.com/sign/turtle It looks […]

“You’re deaf? How do you drive?!”

A Satire by Jenna V.   Deaf people living in India have recently gained the right to drive, and I wanted to answer some questions regarding us ‘dangerous’ deaf motorists! Here is a list of FAQs that I get about driving, and my response:   1. So… you’re deaf. How do you get to work?  Well since […]

Questions Often Asked to a Sign Language Interpreter

As an interpreter, many questions are asked by the general public.  Which some are shocking to me.  And, looking back, it shouldn’t be so surprising that people who are not familiar with Deaf culture I wanted to share some of these questions with you… Are you Deaf? This question gets asked a lot.  It is […]

Congratulations to our Deaf Expert of the Month: Benjamin!

We could go on for hours about our deaf experts and Benjamin is no exception! Born Deaf, into a Deaf family, Benjamin grew up with sign language his first language. A graduate of Lasher High School, in Bloomfield Hills, MI, Benjamin worked in play productions for many years, culminating in co-directing Charlie and the Chocolate […]

A Thank You Note to Interpreters

by Jenna, Deaf Expert Interpreters, thank you for always helping us out. You’re the ones who help me figure out my teacher’s instructions, my doctor’s advice, and my family’s worries over the phone. You tell jokes and share stories with me while we wait for the teacher to show up, and are just plain friendly […]

6 Study Habits To Help You Ace That Final!

Let’s face it, we could use all the help we can get. Here’s some helpful tips to study better for that test! Make a schedule– there’s plenty of time between Netflix shows to study. Have a quiet study space. This means turning down your music too. Clear your mind of noise and clutter for the best […]

ASL Teachers…Have You Seen Us Lately?

If you teach ASL at the collegiate or high school level, you owe it to yourself and to your students to take a look at what we have to offer.  Not only do we offer our entire program for $12.00 per student for the ENTIRE CALENDAR YEAR, but we have so many features that will suite […]