Why is our ASL Dictionary the BEST?

You’re desperate to finish that ASL homework… or maybe that sign is on the tip of your ‘fingers’- either way you need that sign NOW! So why choose ASLdeafined?  16,000+ Videos: Our video dictionary contains vocabulary from our lessons, variations of those signs, and even requested words from anyone that learns with us! Variations for […]

Top 15 Reasons Why People Join ASLdeafined.com

Here are the top 15 reasons why people join ASLdeafined.com 15.  To learn to communicate with co-workers. 14.  To become an interpreter for the Deaf. 13.  To learn about Deaf culture. 12.  To get better at receptive skills. 11.  To have 24/7 access  to ASL. 10.  To practice ASL handshapes. 9.  To become fluent at ASL. […]

Ask A Deafie: 10 Frequently Asked Questions

One of our Deaf instructors, Jenna, has taken some time to answer a few questions she’s just plain tired of hearing. (Get it?!) 1. IT’S SO NICE TO ME-ET YOU! 😀 AH! Nice to meet you too! But there’s no need to yell- just talk at an even pace and try not to mumble. 2. […]

5 Reasons Why Teachers Use ASLdeafined

Today is World Teacher’s Day and you all know just how much we LOVE our teachers… but do you know why our teachers love US? 1. Easy Lesson Planning ASLdeafined is already organized into four levels to help keep consistent curriculum throughout your ASL program, and each lesson consists of around 20 vocabulary words (with […]

Homeschooling with ASLdeafined – 5 Steps to Easy Lesson Plans!

Not everyone learns in a classroom, and Sign Language is a lot easier to learn when you can see it- right? That means that learning from a bunch of papers isn’t going to help out much! Here’s a quick-guide to help you set up the #1 Online ASL Textbook fast and easy! Step 1: Sign […]

Rejuvenate your ASL Program with ASLdeafined!

The impressive and growing popularity of American Sign Language is sweeping the nation and schools are desperate to keep up with student demand- but are they choosing the best curriculum? Ask yourself these questions:   1. What materials are used?  A standard ASL curriculum includes some books and few DVDs with demonstrations of ASL at […]

The Importance of Qualified Interpreters

A video has gone viral about an “interpreter” that was seen in a Manatee County emergency broadcast in Florida: As you can see from the captions, this isn’t exactly easy to understand- right? This is probably a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Conveniently, Manatee County offers a PDF available on their webpage here where they […]

It’s the WEEKEND…. and we have ASL homework.

“I have all this homework due Monday but the book is… well it’s a book. It’s hard to know if I’m signing correctly! I just started the semester and I’m already behind! What should I do?” -AnonGirl We found this common problem on a forum recently- A lot of ASL curricula these days use two-dimensional […]

Questions by ASL Teachers…Answered!

How much does it cost per student to use ASLdeafined.com? The cost per student is just $12.00 for the entire calendar year.  So, that is 365 days to use our program.  That is $1.00 per month, per student.  We believe that students should have access 24/7 and not just during the school day.   School […]

Study the easy way with ‘My Vocabulary’!

It’s Thursday night. You have a test tomorrow in ASL and you want to review as fast as possible. We’ve all been there once or twice (or more…) but 2D Flashcards just don’t work when you’re studying Sign Language- Here’s how to use our site to make studying for that test fast and easy! Step […]