6 Study Habits To Help You Ace That Final!

Let’s face it, we could use all the help we can get. Here’s some helpful tips to study better for that test! Make a schedule– there’s plenty of time between Netflix shows to study. Have a quiet study space. This means turning down your music too. Clear your mind of noise and clutter for the best […]

ASL Teachers…Have You Seen Us Lately?

If you teach ASL at the collegiate or high school level, you owe it to yourself and to your students to take a look at what we have to offer.  Not only do we offer our entire program for $12.00 per student for the ENTIRE CALENDAR YEAR, but we have so many features that will suite […]

You Asked, We Answered! – Slow Button on Videos

Many of you asked about a possible slow button on ASLdeafined for the videos in our 16,000 + dictionary and for the 300 + lessons.  Well, just this afternoon, we were able to complete and implement the “slow button” on our website.  You have to try this new feature out!  It is awesome.  I absolutely […]

Personalize Your Own Dictionary on ASLdeafined

You can now personalize your own dictionary on ASLdeafined.  Simply find the words you prefer in the dictionary. Once you click on a word in the dictionary, you will see “Add to My Vocabulary”. Click that. And all your words will be saved under the icon “My Vocabulary”. Then, if you want to review all of […]

ASLdeafined’s Video Dictionary has Reached over 16,000 words…

On ASLdeafined, our video dictionary has now reached over 16,000 words signed by Deaf experts.  Also, we just tripled the size of the video screen.  I believe they can almost see our video dictionary screen from Space.  If by chance you cannot find a word you need, we will be glad to provide it for you.  Simply click […]

A New Homepage for ASLdeafined.com

Whoa! We did it. Finally, ASLdeafined.com underwent an Extreme Makeover. I cannot wait for you to see it. Not only are the videos recorded by Deaf experts, but also added new features. One of the features is about “handshapes”. Once you login into ASLdeafined.com, you will see a tab on the Navigation bar that says “handshapes”. Click on any one that is listed there. You will see a list of words with that particular handshape. This is a cool feature, and one of the 5 perimeters of learning American Sign Language.

ASLdeafined.com New Features and Deaf Experts!

I am thrilled to tell you about some major upgrades to ASLdeafined.com that happened August 15, 2016. ASLdeafined has been undergoing an “Extreme” makeover during the exhaustive past four months.  These changes are now live.  The results are spectacular, and I am very pleased to share this announcement with you.  I want to invite you to review the results, as some of […]

Running Out of Time

It is a rare day in this modern world when we feel like we actually have some spare time. Many attribute it to the fact that the lines between work and leisure are blurred with the increase in portable technologies that always leave us on call in a way. This can be both a positive […]

Follow the Sun

Starting to learn a new skill or revisiting one that is rusty can become overwhelming. Whether you have decided to tap dance, take up the piano, do some woodworking or learn American Sign Language, there are times when you will likely feel stalled. David Foster Wallace, author of Infinite Jest, wrote an interesting article about […]

Fly the ASL Flag!

We couldn’t agree more with Fellini! Language is a different vision of life – quite literally in the case of sign language. Anyone exposed to the beauty of ASL does not easily forget this unique and vital form of communication. So, our post today is just a friendly reminder that Amercian Sign Language deserves its own respected spot […]