5 Reasons Why Teachers Use ASLdeafined

Today is World Teacher’s Day and you all know just how much we LOVE our teachers… but do you know why our teachers love US?

1. Easy Lesson Planning

ASLdeafined is already organized into four levels to help keep consistent curriculum throughout your ASL program, and each lesson consists of around 20 vocabulary words (with videos!). Our flexibility is just one of the many things our teacher’s love!

2. Our 16,000+ Video Dictionary

It was a labor of love and it was worth it- our video dictionary contains over 16,000 signs, variations, and phrases! You can slow down the videos (yes, really!) and even request new words for us to add. Read here to learn more!

3. Authenticity

Every single video is signed by a Deaf person who communicates in ASL. There are multiple Deaf Experts with different backgrounds to ensure that as many variations of a sign are included on the site as possible- just see how many we have for computer!

4. Unique Homework Assignments

Each lesson contains three or more activities that can be assigned as homework or classwork. Quizzes, retention exercises, and more can be done accurately at home. There’s even study help with My Vocabulary!

5. Accuracy!

Every ASL teacher’s least favorite question to ask: Where did you learn that sign? Even if your students aren’t studying with YouTube, books that are published with errors stay that way until your school replaces them! YIKES! ASLdeafined is updated regularly to ensure that these mishaps are avoided as much as possible.

If you still aren’t convinced, then you’re just going to have to try us out and find out why our teacher’s love us for more than just their discount! 😉