ASLdeafined Features

Features of ASLdeafined

There are numerous American Sign Language websites online.  And, you may not know which website to use.  Here at ASLdeafined, we try to meet the needs of all our users.  Listed below are many of our wonderful features we offer to every subscriber.  If there is something you would like to see on our site, […]

Give the Gift of Learning

Those of you who are learning to communicate with others who cannot hear are very special individuals.  And, during this Holiday Season, you may know of other friends and family members who would like to learn American Sign Language, also. Because of this, ASLdeafined offers Gift Certificates year-round, for a variety of special occasions.  Gift […]

Review Your Saved Vocabulary Bank Automatically

ASLdeafined has a new feature that you will find under “My Vocabulary”.  Every word that you saved under “My Vocabulary” can now be automatically.  Simply click on the icon “My Vocabulary”, then click on “Practice My Vocabulary” link (underneath the heading “My Vocabulary”).  Individual will randomly instantly, right before your eyes.  After a video is […]

Which Group Should I Join?

Occasionally, people have been confused on which group they should sign up for when completing the subscription information to ASLdeafined.  Some have subscribed inadvertently to the wrong group (deaf students, hearing parents of deaf children; community at-large.)   Later, they will ASLdeafined, asking if they can change to another group of learners.  The answer is , […]