Deaf History

Put yourself in our hands…

It would be remiss if an organization founded on the idea of building connections between communities did not acknowledge that the United States finds itself in a reportedly divided time, as is often the case during Presidential Election years. Yet, it would be equally irresponsible to chime in with opinions. That is not what we […]

Are You Up-To-Date?

This vintage biography by Etta Degering, entitled GALLAUDET, Friend of the Deaf, may quite rightfully be judged by its cover. The obviously outdated design and condition of this book, first published in 1964, is unlikely to interest the modern reader. We are featuring it in our blog post today as an analogy for those who […]

Changing Times = Changing Signs!

First, we’re back! August was a bit of a vacation month with exciting things happening at ASLdeafined, which you’ll be hearing about via our upcoming newsletter and blogs. Meanwhile though, did you know that American Sign Language, just with any other language, changes over time? This can really Jargogle people, especially first time learners. But […]

Helen Keller – A Visit to Ivy Green

For me, the MOST life-changing, and inspiring vacation of my life, was a journey to the childhood home of Miss Helen Keller, located in Tuscumbia, Alabama.  As you may know, Helen was stricken with a form of meningitis, or scarlet fever, at the tender age of 19 months, leaving her deaf and blind for the rest of her life.  A few […]

American Sign Language – Brief History

What is American Sign Language? American Sign Language (ASL) is the language used by the Deaf community throughout the United States and parts of North America.  It is also used throughout various countries like the Philippines, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, and Singapore.  ASL has its own grammar and linguistic structure.  American Sign Language incorporates facial […]

Gallaudet University – The Only Liberal Arts College for the Deaf

Gallaudet University, named in honor of  Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet,  is the first school in the world that operated for the purpose of educating those who are deaf and hard of hearing.  It is located in Washington, D.C.  It opened its doors in 1864.  Today, it remains as the only university in the world in which all programs and […]

William “Dummy” Hoy

“Dummy” Hoy William Hoy is known in the baseball world as “Dummy” Hoy.  He was the first deaf baseball player in the major leagues.  He was born in 1862 in Ohio, graduating from Ohio School for the Deaf.  Hoy began his professional baseball career in 1886 until 1902.  He died at the age of 99.  […]