Handshape of the Week: E!

The E-handshape shows the fingers bent to look like a small ‘e’ from the side, as shown below in the sign for EAST. Other words that use the E-handshape include: Easter Economics Elevator Emergency Emotions Engage Europe Europeans Evaluate Experiment Urgent

Trump/Beto Rallies And Their Interpreting Fails

  Updates on Trump/Beto Rally Interpreters Updates on Trump/Beto Rally Interpreters Posted by The Daily Moth on Wednesday, February 13, 2019   Captioning is available for this video under settings.  For more stories from The Daily Moth, go to dpan.tv. 

Handshape of the Week: D!

D-Handshape The D-Hanshape is done by raising the index finger as shown below in the sign for DEAF. Other signs in ASL that use the D-handshape include: Date Dating Democrat Dessert Detroit

Deafie of the Week: Millicent Simmons!

    Millicent made some significant headway into Deaf History with her famed role in The Quiet Place, a horror film which incorporated American Sign Language more than what we are certainly used to. We don’t want to spoil the plot, but we (of course) encourage you to go see the movie and Millicent in action! […]

New Deaf-Tech: Google Launches Transcription App

Every seasoned deafie knows the benefits (and pains) of using voice-to-text to try and communicate with another person, and now Google is hoping to make it a bit easier. In this video released on Monday we see a deaf Google Research Scientist named Dimitri Knevsky use the app to order tea and even use it […]

Deafie of the Week: Laurent Clerc!

Laurent Clerc   Do you know how American Sign Language came to be? We owe a lot to a man named Laurent Clerc! Clerc was born and raised in France, and became deaf at one years old after falling into a fire. (Ouch!) He attended and graduated school at the Royal Institution for the Deaf […]

Handshape of the Week: C!

C-Handshape The C-Hanshape is done by forming the entire hand into the shape of a C, as shown below in the sign for CAFE. Other signs in ASL that use the C-handshape include: Bite Church Crazy Chocolate Nutty Stranger Stove Radio Cup Cake

Handshape of the Week: B!

B-Handshape   The B-handshape is shown as a vertical hand with straight fingers, and a thumb crossing over the palm. Shown below is the word BROWN, which demonstrates the B-handshape.   Other signs in ASL that use the B-Handshape are: Business Cheap Close Scarf Liar Story Wall Beer

Deaf News This Week: Deaf Woman Killed Crossing Highway in Louisiana

Gloria Anderson (38), a deaf mother, has died after being struck by a vehicle while crossing the road in Monroe, Louisiana. Anderson was crossing U.S. Highway 165 at night with her 9-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son when an SUV struck the woman. The SUV, driven by a 37-year-old male, was operating without it’s lights on […]