Deaf News This Week: 4/26/2019


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Deaf People in History: Dummy Hoy!

Baseball season is HERE and we are nearing the end of Deaf History Month, so it’s the perfect time to talk about William “Dummy” Hoy! Hoy grew up in Ohio and attended the Ohio School for the Deaf after contracting meningitis at the age of three. While owning a shoe repair store and playing baseball […]

Handshape of the Week: L!

The L-Handshape involves extending the thumb and index fingers in the shape of the letter ‘L’, as shown below in the the sign for LAW! Other signs that use the L-handshape include: Lethargic Library Longer Lord Loyal Lutheran Mountain Dew Necklace Pipe

5 Signs For Your Baby/Toddler

Did you know that babies can learn simply signs at around six months old? Teaching Sign Language to your baby or toddlers can give them a head start in their language skills, reduce tantrums related to communication barriers, and may even give them better grades in school! Remember: The best way to learn a sign […]

Learning ASL- What To Watch Out For!

There are a few great resources out there to help you learn American Sign Language, but not all websites are created equal! How do you know for sure you’re observing accurate Sign Language? How can we tell the difference? Before signing up for just any ol’ site, go through this quick checklist: 1. How old […]

Handshape of the Week: K!

The K-handshape (or P-Handshape) shows the thumb between the (extended) index and middle fingers, as shown in the sign for PEOPLE! Other signs that use the K-Handshape are: Brand Emperor Fail Fall Short Flunk Keep Kind Kindergarten King