I say POP, you say SODA…

We have had a lot of people comment on regional signs and express an interest in more information on this interesting aspect of American Sign Language. Just like there are different forms of sign language in different countries, many areas in our country express things in varying ways. As the title of this entry suggests, […]

You’re on your way before you even really started!

Feeling discouraged with your ASL progress? Have a student who struggles to remember vocabulary? Convinced yourself that it’s too difficult to learn a new language at your age? Take comfort in the fact that basically 60% of signs are common or partial gestures that humans often use. See the story below created from combining several […]

Coming soon to a computer near you!

Already tired of election posts? We’re here for you! Like it or not, winter will be here before you know it, so consider keeping your brain active on those short days by learning a little ASL. ASLdeafined.com is offering the next set of live online Sign Language classes with our Deaf experts. See the flyer […]

We love you, too!

We love our homeschool educators and are so pleased to hear when they love us back 🤟 Thank you to those of you who take the time to let us know how sign language and ASLdeafined have impacted your life in positive ways.


ASLdeafined had fun at the Michigan Library Association conference in Port Huron last week! We look forward to hearing from some of the wonderful professionals we connected with to help us reach the goal of improving communication one sign at a time. It was also a pleasure to get to know our fellow exhibitors. It’s […]


We hope you enjoyed our “sign story” chatting about autumn and sharing some concepts typically related to this time of year. As part of our efforts to keep our dictionary current, we will also occasionally post blog entries related to current events. For example, most of us heard about hurricane Ian and the impact it […]


October is here! This means that autumn has officially arrived. As the temperatures get more chilly outside, you can lean into sweater weather and feel no guilt having that pumpkin spice latte and donut for breakfast. It is also an especially good season for getting into the habit of an apple a day. We hope […]

NEW ASLdeafined CLASS SET-UP process for 2022-2023!

HEADS UP! ASLdeafined has created a new and easy registration process that allows #ASL #teachers the power to manage classes in new ways. Now when you set-up for the 2022-2023 school year, you will receive your logins and a code that you will use to create your own courses, assign students, etc. We will keep […]


Our Valentine’s Day gift to you is… A NEWSLETTER! We know, you might have preferred chocolate or flowers, but we hope the return of this communication after a 6-month hiatus is welcome. Please take a moment to click and see what we have to share. There are answers inside to things we are often asked […]


We are thrilled to announce that two of our most outstanding employees will be hosting a LIVE ONLINE ASL class starting next month. Check out the flyer to find out how you can sign-up for a reasonably priced, 6-week American Sign Language course run by a few of our longtime ASLdeafined Deaf experts. We just […]